Product Description

The new Philips VisaBoost Ultrasound Facial Moisturizer helps your skin absorb skincare products better and faster, enhances skincare efficacy, reveals refreshed moisturized revived skin from inside out!

  • Advanced synchronization of Ultrasound and Vibration

    The Dual Action System combining Ultrasound and Vibration has been especially designed to help skincare products be better absorbed into the deep layer of skin, where they can achieve maximum effect for healthy & dewy skin today and tomorrow.

  • Ultrasound encourages skin’s natural cell renewal

    Ultrasound waves instantly dissolve skincare products into micro-molecules which are more easily transported into your skin’s epidermis, stimulate skin’s metabolism and encourage skin’s natural renewal process.

  • Vibration gently stimulates skin’s micro-circulation

    300/second vibration gently massages skin and stimulates micro-circulation, which further boosts absorption of skincare products and delivers a healthy glow continuously.

  • Refresher & smoother skin right after the treatment

    >=93% of women tested agree the absorption effect of skincare products is better than by manual application and the speed is faster; 94% of women tested feel skin is smoother instantly; 96% of women tested feel skin is refresher right after the treatment.

  • Intelligent temperature detective controller

    The device can automatically detect and adjust the temperature to keep the device working in best condition and maintain the moisture in your skin.

  • Suitable for all skin types

    The device is innovated to complement your current skincare routine & maximize skincare benefits no matter which kind of skin type you have, the effect of your moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging products will be improved.

  • 1 charging for 2 weeks usage

    3 min for regular treatment and 7 min for intensive treatment, you can use it with your preferred skincare products including serum, lotion or cream for 2 weeks continuously based on 1 charging.

  • Probe can be washed directly under tap water

    After each treatment, you can wash the probe directly under tap water and maintain it with protective cap.

  • More hydrated & moisturized skin after 6 weeks treatment

    After 6 weeks treatment, 93% of women tested feel more moisturized skin, 94% of women tested feel skin is not so dry as before, 90% of women tested feel skin is revived.