Product Description

  • STEAMLESS IH rice cooker
  • Continuous boiling for tastier rice
  • Houzyun mode, serving you aromatic & moistened rice
  • Made in Japan
General Information Capacity   1.0L
Country of Origin   Japan
Warranty   2 years
Power Supply   220V (50Hz)
Power Consumption   1270 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)   253 x 348 x 245 mm
Weight (kg)   6.6 kg
Color   Ruby Red
Rice and Menu Regular   White Rice, Japanese Rice, Japanese Brown Rice
Firm   White Rice, Japanese Rice
Soft   White Rice, Japanese Rice
Quick   White Rice, Japanese Rice
Houzyun   Japanese Rice
Congee   White Rice, Japanese Rice, Japanese Brown Rice
Sushi   Japanese Rice
Sticky Rice   Japanese Rice
Mixed Rice   White Rice, Japanese Rice
Technical Information Cooking Technology   STEAMLESS IH
Pre-set Timer   12 hrs (3 sets of timer)
Keep-warm Time   24 hrs
Inner Pot   Charcoal-coated Inner Pot
Thickness of Inner Pot   3.5 mm
Wash Rice in the Inner Pot  
LCD Control Panel  
Finish Cooking Buzzer  
Accessories   Rice Scoop, Rice Scoop Holder, Ladle, Measuring Cup