Ecovacs DM85 Multifunction Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Ecovacs DM85 Multifunction Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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Product Description

* 4-in-1 cleaning technology – sweep, vacuum, mop and polish at a time

* “Smart Clean” cloth – An integrate water reservoir to dampen the cloth

* Intelligent dust detection – Identify dirty area to improve cleaning efficiency

* HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)- Extra-large dust bin equipped with high efficiency filter

* Easily switch between the main brush option for deep cleaning and the direct suction option for tangle-free cleaning

* Unique design of ventilation system – Prevent suction power being reduced by the accumulation of dust

* Time scheduling

* Anti-drop and anti-collision technology

* Automatic charging – Return to charging dock when battery is running low

* Extra long battery life


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Specification Weight: 3.6 kgs

Length: 34.4cm

Width: 34.4cm

Height: 8.8cm

Voltage: 100~240V

Power: 30W


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