Company Background

Vertex Technology Co., Ltd. has been established since 1996 and throughout these 18 years, we have become one of the best computer / network equipment retailer and system integrator in Hong Kong.  In our corporate development, we have expanded from 2 people while business started to 50 staffs within the group.

Why Choose Us

Recognizing that organizations are looking for flexible business solutions that help to build competitive advantage, we offer a comprehensive range of professional IT service and support for our customers.

Our philosophy is to provide the best solution with the best project management, good quality of service, ease of management, and affordable price to our customers, and we believe in establishing long-term relationship with our customers.

Our specialty is building IT infrastructure, IT solutions, System support, and Network security. In order to enhance the quality of service and increase customer satisfaction, most of our projects will be deployed using a full system development life cycle

Company Vision

Besides offering high quality and prestigious IT products, we also focus on the future by emphasizing long-term growth and profitability while ensuring quality customer service. For our efforts and hard work, we have received greatest support from our business partners and thus our product and service scope have been vastly enhanced.

From the accumulated valuable experience through partnership with worldwide corporations, we had already developed extensive distribution network including China and Macauh. Arming these competitive advantages, we are able to expand and conquer our horizon of products and services in international regions in the near future.

Our vision for the future is to build on our value-added service model to offer a one-stop solution for customers venturing into the e-business world. In the meantime, we will be maximizing our position as a dominant industry player by implementing cost-effective strategies, business synergies, operating and managerial infrastructures, under the umbrella of a cohesive, motivating corporate culture based on knowledge, professionalism, creativity and skills.

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